I absolutely love taking photographs. It engenders a sense of joy in me. Architecture seems to be my focus these days.
I have been a professional photographer for a while.
I studied photography in Florence, Italy and then started working as a professional in London, UK.
I moved to S o u t h Africa in 1984 – working in Johannesburg for an ad  a g e n c y in audio visual.
I relocated to Cape Town in 1987.
Still amazed at my great good fortune to be l i v i n g in Cape Town – photographer heaven!

I am a member of SAFREA (South African Freelancers Association)

(Have s p a c e d out words to break up the infuriating advert links strewn all over my page & they area green and underlined to boot!)
I dabble in social m e d i a

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my other site
Artists Creators Image Makers & The Zone Accessors That Astound
[my images – unless otherwise specified]

my Stadium site
LINK Cape Town : Stadium : 2010 World Cup : Feefa :


11 Responses to “About Odette Herbert’s Work”

  1. Brian Parrish said

    Wonderful images, extraordinary use of colour-which manages to convey a sense of fun in addition to reminding us of, and even enhancing the original beauty of the subject(s).
    This should come as no surprise to those familiar with your work.
    You were always good. Very good.


    Odette Herbert says:

    gosh thanx brian
    [the man with the most fabulous voice & a brilliant composer & musician – he has black little notes in his veins!]

    Thanks so much for your kind words
    Its thanx to the technology and software that I have been able to get these outcomes – bless all the super geeks I say!
    Hope they are very prosperous and happy

  2. jill doyle said

    Lovely pics! glorious colours. Keep shuttering!

    Odette Herbert says:

    Very glad you like them!
    The colours are thanx to the amazing software that super geeks have spent years putting together and tweaking!
    With out their genius my work would look pretty dull!
    All the best to you

  3. Ethel said

    Wow I went through your work I must say you are doing a Fantastic job!!

    @ etheln

    Thank you so much for popping in!
    what is The Africa Centre’s website address so we can see what wonderful work you are doing!
    all the best to you and your inspriing projects!

  4. Great to have met you.

    Eugene Mulder

    Managing Director
    Print Express Online.

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