chairs and tables and stools and bling bling

August 4, 2014


shopping break1…..wembly1…..board1…..stoolsbw1

chairs1…..plastic1…..chairstables1…..perspex delux

zibaldone1……redchairs1……tables berry blue……redwhite3


Photography by Odette Herbert



2 Responses to “chairs and tables and stools and bling bling”

  1. peter passmore said

    I think your photography is amazing with evidence of a keen observant eye for composition. I suspect a lot of people would view these modern interiors for what they are – modern interiors. But you’ve succeeded in isolating the overall into individual rectangles of visual delight which is what great photography is all about. The images could also be described as contemporary Henri Cartier-Bresson without people LOL. I’m so impressed that you’re earning a living from what you love doing.
    Great work

    Odette Herbert says:
    Gosh, thank you so much for your very kind words
    I can see you are very discerning! Especially as these images are of furniture.
    Viewers are going to think you’re my agent!
    Henri Cartie Bresson?! I wish!

  2. Byron Futter said

    Hi Odette,

    Fantastic spread of pics. Feel good to have been a part of it in some small way!
    Well done.

    Odette Herbert says:

    Hi Byron!
    Thanx so much for your kind words and your too modest about having been a small part of the content of the images! Its always a delight to work with you – you’re a real professional and yr enthusiasm, going the extra mile is testament to doing what ever it takes to get the best results & makes my job a whole lot easier! Thank you.

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